Artboard Studio The first online graphic design app mainly focused on product mockups.

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Artboard Studio is a graphic design software as a service, with an easy to use web based solution for branding, product presentation and social media promotional banners.


If you have a product and you need to present it in a professional way either you have to be an experienced designer or pay thousands of dollars to photography studios and designers. Also graphic designers need to spend hours on finding high quality items, purchase expensive mockups, download huge files and work for hours on Photoshop to create showcase images for their works or portfolios.

So we created Artboard Studio to create promotional/product presentation images easily for anyone. By using our cloud based solution anyone can easily create professional looking images to promote their products by having access to thousands of high quality mockup items and pre-designed templates.

Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, our online software can help non professional designers to achieve high quality results. Unlike other solution out there, our software is mainly focused on product presentation, making it easy to learn and fast to work with.


We are already in the market since 2014 and selling Photoshop format presentation files as Mockup Zone (

In the past 4 years we sold 200.000 items all over the world designers and still we are the one of the best in this market.

35M users of current marketplaces, apps and services like; Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Graphicriver, Creative Market etc.

$16M have been spent on mockup products on marketplaces such as Creative Market and Graphicriver in the past 2 years.

Canva which is a simple graphic design SaaS, reached more than $1B in valuation this year. They have 10M+ users.

30K items now on sale on popular marketplaces. Most designers are creating mockup items to sell for Adobe Photoshop only.

We are the first SaaS only focused on product presentation (mockup) with an extensive library of items and templates. Also we are working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make designing process easy and professional results for anyone.

Artboard Studio Ekibi

Önemli Gelişmeler

  • 01 Eylül 2016

    Artboard Studio kuruldu.

  • 03 Nisan 2018

    Private Beta version ready. Started acquiring early access users.

  • 17 Nisan 2018

    #1 Product Of The Week on Product Hunt

  • 06 Haziran 2018

    We are now selected for ITU Cekirdek (Istanbul Technical University Incubator)

  • 12 Haziran 2018

    Started to rolling out invitations for private beta phase. In one week we acquired 7K active users. Reached more than 18% user conversion.

  • 26 Haziran 2018

    After rolling out private beta invitations, in two weeks, now we have more than 14.500 users.More than 5.000 design projects created.

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