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Peero Let's democratize the access to college application assistance together!

  • Girişimin Bulunduğu Aşama MVP & Prototip
  • Girişimin Bulunduğu Sektör Veri & Analitik, Eğitim
  • Lokasyon İstanbul, Türkiye
  • Kuruluş Tarihi Aralık 2020
  • Çalışan Sayısı 4-10
  • Web Adresi www.peero.io
  • Sosyal Medya
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Peero is a personalized college application counseling portal for prospective college students designed by current college students. Our mission is to make college application counseling and research more accessible for high-school students on a global scale through our customizable and affordable features and optimize the college placements by ensuring the student-college fits of our users.

Our founders were once the members of our target audience: having recently survived the college application process, they know how challenging and stressful managing the school-life-college applications balance can be. Additionally, they have seen the financial distress college advising might cause for students who aren’t offered assistance through their high schools. Therefore, Peero envisions designing and creating an affordable, customized, collaborative, and easy-to-navigate platform as a solution.

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Subscription, marketplace

Pazar ve Rekabet

Aspiring college students, who do not have access to professional college application counseling resources within their high schools, often resort to one of the two options when tackling the challenge of the application process: hiring a private college counselor or getting help through online resources. Access to counselors presents a costly direction, as their services are generally offered on a one-time agreement basis for large timeframes, preventing students from changing their decision in seeking guidance. Furthermore, receiving knowledge from a single point of contact renders the information offered more biased and narrow. In addition to that, college counselors might have a more challenging time relating to the needs and requirements of their students: the generation gap makes it very difficult for private college counselors to understand the expectations and the priorities of gen-Z. The other option, online application counseling services, has been steadily growing in recent years. Cialfo, Niche, CollegeVine, College Advisor, and Naviance appear as the strongest competitors in the market. The product offerings of the competitors appear limited, having a narrow scope. Peero, on the other hand, combines all necessary tools (both technological and ergonomic) to help the user decide on which colleges to apply to and navigate the application process. We offer a subscription-based service that students can cancel at any time, provide a large database of information sourced from versatile locations, and create a space where users can connect with other high school students and college guides through a single network. Either working with private college counselors or college admissions officers, our competitors incur high costs creating new product features, application contents, and other resources. As our team consists of college students who have successfully completed the college application process, we have deep expertise in understanding the needs of our customers and formulating solutions to solve these needs without incurring employment costs like our competitors. This helps us engage in price competition and potentially expand the target market by making application assistance available for a bigger group of students on the socio-economic spectrum.

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