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Founder @ Addwise // Investor

E-founder , Business Angel

Founder & CEO at Wingie Enuygun Group

Chairman at Boğaziçi Ventures & Technology Startups Investor

Member of the Board at Sanko Holding

Co-founder & President & Board Member at Tripledot Studios

General Partner at Collective Spark

Angel Investor at Keiretsu Forum

Senior leader with a technical background with 20+ years of experience in the IT industry. Experience with managing pre-sales, post-sales and advisory consultancy teams and projects for 20+ years.

After more than 9 years of profesisonal experience on IT, telecom, Value Added Services and marketing, founded Turkey's first and largest mobile payment service provider, Mikro Odeme - 3pay and exit to Wirecard.

I have 20+ years of software industry experience as an Entrepreneur, Investor and CEO.

Investing in the future

Executive Director at Raiffeisen Investment

Entrepreneur & Investor

Founder at Omurga Real Estate

Chairman at Pegasus Airlines

General manager at Games United

Tarkan Onar is a co-founder of MARKmost, an e-commerce platform that helps businesses understand and identify their opportunities, and of Mackolik.com, a website that provides sports information, scores, and analysis services.



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