Mohamed Abdulaziz Hassan Ankara, Türkiye


I am highly passionate about implementing viable blockchain and AI solutions that can solve problems that have a global impact. Currently, I am a blockchain software engineer at Blok-Z where I am designing a decentralized energy and carbon trading platform for a pilot project with one of the largest electric power companies in Turkey.

My passion for blockchain development has led me to take the Consensys Ethereum Developer Program for which I received a merit scholarship after placing in the top 5% of applicants in their technical test. The course covered key Ethereum concepts and developer tools like Truffle, Ganache, Remix and Metamask, and for the final project I built a decentralized market application.I wrote and tested the smart contracts using Solidity and Truffle. Built a front-end using Javascript, Node.js, React and Redux where I followed proven design patterns with smart contract security in mind.

I am also a team member of Origin Protocol which is an open-source blockchain project that helps individuals create peer-to-peer marketplaces using Ethereum and IPFS. My other open-source blockchain contributions include improving the documentation of the Ethereum Whisper protocol by correcting outdated and incorrect information. I am also interested in how other blockchain platforms work and have received certifications in Corda and Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth. I believe knowing how different platforms operate can aid in the design process of choosing the right platform to utilize while building decentralized applications.

Ekibinde Olduğu Girişimler

Blok-Z Ankara, Türkiye

Blockchain based energy trading platform



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